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Pond Safety

Taking adequate safety measures by installing Pond Safety Gridding can give you peace of mind. However, installing pond safety gridding does not mean you have to be less vigilant with children around water.

Pond & Lake Management work hand in hand with a reputable pond safety company, so if you need this service, please email us a picture of your pond at with the length, width and depth of the pond. We will then arrange to provide a quotation for you.

This product:

  • Fits any shape or size of pond
  • Can be installed with any pond lining
  • Can be installed at any time of year
  • Is designed to be fish-friendly with no sharp edges
  • Is strong enough to withstand the impact of an adult falling onto the grid
  • Is made and tested to withstand all weather conditions
  • Is maintenance-friendly and accessible with child proof grip clips
  • Has gained Product Approval in all schools, care homes, adoption and foster carers’ ponds where it has been fitted.
  • Gained Silver Award Contractors at the Hampton Court Palace Show - Awarded by 'The Royal Horticultural Society '

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