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Pond Problem Solving

Peter’s years of hands-on experience give him the ability to solve almost any aquatic problem. Problems often stem from poor pond design, pond DIY or inadequate equipment. Peter and his team simply love to help solve your problem whether they be:

  • a leaking pond
  • a pump or equipment failure
  • inadequate filtration
  • green water
  • cloudy water
  • blanket weed
  • duckweed
  • sludge
  • foaming
  • poor oxygenation, leading to fish gasping
  • fish disease
  • pests such as herons
  • correct fish feeding regimes
  • pond safety
  • and much more…

In short, any problem you may be experiencing with your ponds, features or lakes.

If you have any type of pond problem, please either email us or give us a call.

Such problems can often be solved by a site visit to assess and quantify the issues or by advice over the phone.

Pond & Lake Management Ltd also offer a ‘by-appointment -only’ repair service for equipment, such a pumps, and invite you to deliver the equipment to their site for investigation and testing .  There is a small charge for this depending upon the problem involved.

Here's an example of one of our assessments.

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