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Pond Filter Systems and Upgrades & Other Pond Equipment Installation

Peter is particularly renowned for his knowledge of filtration systems - large or small.

Nine times out of ten, when we visit clients’ ponds, they are massively under-filtered, which leads to disappointment all round. We can recommend  and supply the correct equipment to improve your pond’s efficiency.

Peter strongly favours the OASE brand due to its reliability and efficiency and keeps all the OASE spares and equipment in stock ready for any call out from the tiniest in-pond filter to the state-of-the- art koi self-cleaning filters.

Peter is well up to date with the very latest OASE Proficlear koi specialist range of filters with drum filter and intelligent control centre technology for large koi ponds or large volumes of water and is very experienced in fitting them properly.

We welcome you to our offices to view any equipment you may need, or be interested in finding out about, but this has to be by appointment only or we can arrange an on-site visit.

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