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Pond Construction and Water Feature Installation

Peter and his team have been building ponds and installing water features of every shape and size for over twenty years with great success.

With new builds, always taking the customer’s aspirations into account, we will advise on a suitable location for your pond,  the size, the shape and, most importantly, find out whether you want it to be a koi pond, an ornamental pond with a mix of fish, or a wildlife pond, whether you want it in-ground, part -raised or above ground, what type of linings methods are best for your needs, what equipment is recommended , whether it will be planted pond and so on.

Our policy is always to use top quality materials and equipment that will not let you down, whether it be the bricks used to build it, lining materials or pond equipment.  In Peter’s opinion, using cheap materials and inadequate equipment leads to customer disappointment and it is a totally false economy in the long run.

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