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Pond Cleaning

How do you know if your pond needs to be cleaned?

If you disturb the bottom of the pond with a net, and bubbles appear at the surface, very often with a foul odour, then that is a sure sign that the pond needs to be cleaned out completely in order to minimise any build-up of toxins which can be harmful to your livestock.

Pond cleaning is a very dirty job indeed and it needs to be done properly. We recommend cleaning out fish ponds about every three years.  You generally leave wildlife ponds a little longer than ornamental ponds – three to five years.

We offer a very thorough pond cleaning service.

Here is an idea of how we do it:

  • The Pond & Lake Management team will arrive with a temporary holding vat for livestock and plants and, if the job takes several days, then the vat will come with air pumps/filtration system and a cover to keep the fish happy for the duration of works.
  • The pond is then thoroughly drained and cleaned out using pressure washers where appropriate and a pond vacuum to remove all the sludge.
  • All pond equipment is checked, cleaned and fully serviced.
  • Dechlorinator and pond tonic are always added to make the water safe for the livestock and minimise their stress.
  • Plants are either re-dressed and fertilised or re-potted.
  • The livestock and plants are then returned safely to the pond and equipment turned back on and checked.
  • The work site area is left in a tidy condition.

If you wish to undertake this job yourselves, remember you can hire temporary vats, equipment, pond vacuums etc from us.

Here is a Before and After of one of our pool cleans:

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