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Is Your Pond Filtration Up To The Job?

Are you finding your pond filter maintenance a chore?  Peter Mills of Pond & Lake Management says that if you have a pond filter, it is vitally important that it is regularly maintained!   Water quality is key to a healthy pond!  This tedious and often dirty job, together with the fact that we all have such busy lives, means that this important task just sometimes gets overlooked.

Many a time, Peter finds it is not just a question of poor maintenance, but that the equipment installed is not correct for the volume of the pool and the stocking levels.  This is a really common mistake – so, to make sure your maintenance doesn’t become a challenge, read on for our advice; Pond & Lake Management has the answer!


Change to an Easy Maintenance Unit 

Peter explains that for those of you who find filter maintenance a hassle, it is worth considering changing to an ‘easy maintenance’ unit.   Below are a couple of quality filter types Peter particularly recommends – all top quality products, from small to large, that require no more than five minutes maintenance!

The first one can be discretely part buried into the ground or remain above ground, and is extremely user-friendly thanks to its “Easy Clean Technology”.  You do not physically touch the sponges, apart from an annual strip down, and all the beneficial bacteria are retained within the media.  They come with an integrated ultra violet unit to prevent green water.  There is a model to suit most garden ponds.


The top of the range larger filters are intelligent, state-of-the-art, module filter systems for Koi ponds and other large water bodies.  These are for exceptional water quality where space is at a premium.  These drum filter modules have superb filter capacity with intelligent self-cleaning function which are almost maintenance-free.  These are now available with control via an app – you can upgrade your existing module separately with the control system if you already have one.


Check the Filter & UV Match Your Pond’s Requirements

As well as making sure that you have an easy-maintenance unit, check with a specialist to ensure that what you are actually buying is specifically and correctly tailored to your pond size!  90% of the time, we find that people’s filters are under-spec for the volume of water they have.  If you haven’t got the right filteration, your pond becomes mucky and green, because the UV light won’t be enough to do the job either!  This will make it much harder to maintain and it is a waste of your money, too!

Consider Your Requirements as Your Pond Evolves

Another important thing to remember is that fish make a difference!  When you first buy your filtration system, you might have either no fish at all, small fish, or a different variety of fish.  This means that whilst it might suit you at the time, when you add koi, or they treble in size, your filtration is sure to struggle!

For example, if your pool is 6000 litres, you might start off with a 6000 litre filter, which will be fine for just plants.  However, the filtration you need is according to what fish stock you might have:

  • 6000 – for plants
  • 12000 – for low mix of fish
  • 18000 – for a lot of mixed fish
  • 24000 – for koi

If you have a lot of fish, then you would need a larger filtration, and for koi it almost quadruples!  Likewise, if your fish are taking up more of the pool as they grow, your old filtration will struggle.

Call us for Support

If you feel that it’s time you looked at changing your filtration system to an easier, more suitable option, then please contact Peter, who will be happy to offer accurate, impartial advice to pond-keepers who are experincing problems.  Alternatively, If you do not wish to change your existing filtration, then, of course, we carry all the replacement parts for most models to improve their performance, ie sponges, media, spare parts etc.

Call us on 01564 316001 for advice – or to arrange for us to view your pond set-up to advice on upgrading your current equipment.

Happy Pond Keeping,




Peter Mills

Pond & Lake Management Ltd


  1. Tara on July 28, 2019 at 4:47 am

    Extremely helpful article, especially, “For example, if your pool is 6000 litres, you might start off with a 6000 litre filter….”

    If my pond were 6,000 litres, it would never occur to me that I needed anything greater than a 6,000 litre filter, and certainly not anything four times that capacity. I deeply appreciate the information in this article.

    • Jacqui on October 30, 2019 at 10:42 am

      Hi Tara,

      We are so glad you found this so helpful, thank you for sharing. It is something people often just don’t think about when looking at filtration!
      Kindest wishes,


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