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Breaking News for Koi Keepers Seeking Intelligent Filter Systems!

There’s some exciting news in the Koi Filter systems market and here at Pond and Lake Management we can’t wait for Spring 2020, when Oase – our preferred suppliers for their reliability – are set to launch the brand new ProfiClear Premium XL filter – dubbed as perfect for ‘demanding koi’ and discerning owners of large ponds!

The plus point of this filter is that it is the latest state-of-the-art, self-cleaning technology with even higher levels of pollutant degradation – which means it breaks down all the ‘nasties’ in the pool.

“We have seen self-cleaning filtration for many smaller ponds, but this ground-breaking technology means that even the larger natural ponds, koi ponds and swim ponds can be catered for with leading technology’s advancement” says Peter Mills, of Pond and Lake Management.

This means that even koi and large ponds – any water bodies up to 100,000 litres – can benefit from advanced filtration going forwards.  With outstanding filter capacity, and intelligent control functions, it has an app that enables you to control all settings, and it is self-cleaning for unique maintenance-free operation.  Breaking down pollutants and nutrients even more effectively, it uses a special, new, innovative filter media in the moving bed process. It also has a much smaller footprint than other filters.  Suitable for both pump-fed and gravity-fed systems, this new development really ticks all our boxes!

If you’re a koi pond or large pond owner – and a discerning one at that – then give us a call to find out more, and we will keep you on the waiting list!  Oase are leading the way with their high-quality, German manufacturing.  We are excited to see how this improves pond-keeping for all of our customers.

Give us a call on 01564 316001 or contact us and speak to Peter!  We can’t wait to hear from you.

Happy Fish Keeping,



Peter Mills

Pond & Lake Management Ltd


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