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To Clean or Not to Clean? That is the Question Everyone’s Asking About Ponds…

Are you thinking about whether to clean your pond? Well look no further for specialist advice!

Peter Mills, of Pond & Lake Management, Warwickshire, is an expert on this subject. He is of the firm option that having the correct equipment, which has been properly installed, and undertaking regular thorough maintenance correctly will mean your pool will not need to be cleaned out for quite a few years.

However, in cases where a pond has either not been regularly maintained or not been cleaned out for many years, it is advisable to take action for preventing build-up of nasty toxins which lead to poor water quality and ultimately unhealthy livestock.

Normally there is a silt build-up of approximately one inch per year. For years of silt build-up, Peter recommends a complete clean-out, and, further ongoing regular maintenance.

Peter’s Top Tip:

If you disturb the bottom of the pool with a net (nothing sharp) and bubbles appear at the surface, very often with a foul odour, then that is a sure sign that your pool needs to be cleaned out completely.

When you do have your pool cleaned, and, in any case, at the start of the season, it is important that filters, pumps, ultra violet units and any other equipment are checked and properly serviced. As part of their service, Pond & Lake Management carry a huge range of bulbs, sponges, impellers and spare parts for many makes of pond products, particularly the OASE brand, ready for servicing your pond.

Remember that Pond & Lake Management specialise in pond cleaning, and full servicing of equipment and ongoing maintenance, together with installation and upgrading of pond equipment and any pond problems which may occur.  Site visits are backed by a comprehensive quotation, containing the best ethical standard and recommendations based upon forty years’ of experience.


Here’s One We Cleaned Earlier!




Why not give us a try? Want to know more? Email or give us a call – 01564 316001 – for advice!

We look forward to helping.

Happy Pond Keeping!



Peter Mills
Pond and Lake Management

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