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Is Your Pond Filtration Up To The Job?

Are you finding your pond filter maintenance a chore?  Peter Mills of Pond & Lake Management says that if you have a pond filter, it is vitally important that it is regularly maintained!   Water quality is key to a healthy pond!  This tedious and often dirty job, together with the fact that we all have…

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Why Your Fish are Gasping for Breath at the Surface

HAVE YOU NOTICED YOUR FISH GASPING AT THE SURFACE?  It’s the warm weather causing havoc… The onset of extremely warm weather has caused many pond-related problems – as it does every year.   Apart from the obvious algae blooms associated with high temperatures, the most prevalent issue is that of depletion of oxygen in your pools. …

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How to Choose Economical Equipment for Your Pond!

There is often much misunderstanding about pond equipment.  There are plenty of cheap options out there which can be so tempting when setting out in pond-keeping, but in our specialist experience, this can be false economy – so buyer beware! Inadequate, Temporary Pumps: Not Designed for the Long-Term A common problem that our pond expert,…

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